Alexander godunov dating

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Most recently, the actress has been linked in a relationship with Philip Joncas.

Once touted as the most beautiful film actress of all time, Jacqueline Bisset is also a woman who has recorded great success in her acting career.

There are quite a number of celebrities that got married more than four times in the past, just as there are other celebrities who have never been married.

While some of them simply don’t believe in the institution of marriage, others have different and uncommon reasons why they prefer to remain and if possible, die without getting married.

The Singer, songwriter, and actress, Sheryl Crow has dated some of the most successful men in sports, film, and music. She has been in relationships with men like Steve Bing, Lance Armstrong, and Kidd Rock.

He also dated Catherine Keener, Lindsay Lohan, Sara Foster, and Scarlett Johansson.

For Allison Janney, she revealed that she may never get married.

She was linked to men like Steve Jobs, Woody Allen, Al Pacino, and Keanu Reeves but she has said the man she truly missed among all those she kissed is Matthew Mc Conaughey.

With all his humor, Bill Maher is one person you can guess to easily attract women and probably keep them.

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