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He should be kind and sincere but not only to me but to all surrounding people.

He should like children and smile to them when we meet them at the streets. He will not only be my future but also my past and present as I always live with a dream to meet him.

Alina Baraz is a singer and songwriter who gained recognition after releasing an EP titled Urban Flora with Danish electro-musician, Galimatias.

Before collaborating to release the EP, she heard Galimatias’ tracks and fell in love with them.

She recently started a solo project ‘The Color Of You’ which has nine tracks.

Being a famous singer and songwriter, she earns a handsome amount of money from her profession.

Alina Baraz was born in the year 1993 in Cleveland, Ohio.Mostly I am into sport, especially dancing, and traveling.I find both extremely relaxing and energizing at the same time and cannot imagine my life without these.This led to their first collaboration song, entitled “Drift.”The two began working on different projects together, releasing the single “Make You Feel” plus an EP, which includes “Drift” and “Pretty Thoughts.” They recently followed up the project with single titled Fantasy, which appeared on the EP , a whole trove of their collaborations to date.Alina Baraz connects her music through Sound Cloud, where she has released the singles Make you Feel, Drift, and Pretty Thoughts.

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