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Today in History Today in History highlights significant events or figures in American History associated with a particular day.

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To access more extensive portals to the Library's online baseball resources, and locate all baseball-specific collections available online, please see the Portals and Collections section of this guide.Baseball Cards Baseball Songs Breaking the Color Line The Cincinnati Reds Early Baseball Card Grand Baseball Match The Jackie Robinson Story A Letter from Jackie Robinson The Mighty Casey "This I believe. ." (Jackie Robinson speech) Rules of the Game The Washington Senators features items from the Library of Congress collections and those of its lending partners to consider the game then and now—as it relates to players, teams, and the communities it creates.Although baseball has stayed true to many of its customs, it has also broken with tradition through the invention, competition, and financial interests that still make it the most played sport in the country.Roger Maris Broke the Record The Sousa Band Ty Cobb Made His 4,000th Hit World-Class Athlete Jim Thorpe Was Born ] Blogs The Library of Congress features multiple blogs emphasizing the collections and services of its reading rooms and divisions.A selection of baseball-related posts from these blogs follows below.

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