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-------------Amp Somers from Watts The Safe Word discusses sex-positive content creation.We talk: the rewards & difficulties of being a Youtuber, why demonetization and censorship have snowballed, and how the mark of Youtube success has changed over the years.Partners in every sense of the word, they’re married, teach together, and are the force behind Showtime’s original series Sex with Sunny Megatron.

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Try to kiss a girl in public in Afghanistan, Iran and you'll never kiss again - trust us.

Amp discusses other platforms too-- how people are bullying adult creators on Instagram under the guise of ‘indecency’, the age-old question of where to draw the line between art and pornography, plus SESTA/FOSTA and other factors creating the perfect storm of internet censorship across platforms like Patreon, Twitter, etc.

We also learn what we can do to personally combat internet censorship (yes, you can make an impact! Amp also tells us the secrets of finding kick-ass BDSM gear on websites like Wish and Amazon while avoiding shoddy products that could set your genitals on fire.

They are married, parents, ethically non-monogamous, and lifestyle BDSM enthusiasts.

Most importantly, Ken and Sunny make awkward topics easy-- they’re approachable, authentic, light-hearted, and absolutely hilarious.

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