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You should also be able to show your individuality in how you dress, but bear in mind that extreme fashion and extravagance will put some guys off. Don’t give anyone a hard time Remember that a guy could be watching you out of the corner of his eye, so don’t do anything to make him think twice about approaching you.

If you launch into a verbal assault on a bartender, because he forgot to put ice in your drink, you’re going to make yourself look scary to any men who might be looking on. Don’t look too busy to talk Most people won’t interrupt you if you look too busy, so don’t be so engrossed in your phone, or your i Pad that you don’t even notice that a guy is showing some interest in you!

These could be personality traits or physical aspects of yourself that you are especially proud of. If you are not a naturally confident person, practice acting confident in short interactions with people, such as at the checkout line in the grocery store.

For example, if you have brilliant green eyes, wear shirts in colors that complement them and make them pop even more. Posture is a big part of looking confident, so carry yourself well when you stand and walk, and keep your back straight when you sit. For example, hold the door for an elderly person or be courteous to employees at businesses.

There are literally tens of millions of profiles out there, but with a little thought, care and common sense, you can still present yourself in a way that will catch a man’s attention without making you look desperate or cheap.Also, if you are out with some friends, then don’t stand around in a huddle sharing the gossip, because that will dissuade a guy from making a move too. Don’t hang out with the boys There’s nothing at all wrong with having male friends, but if you hang out with them all the time, then other men are going to be cautious about approaching you.You may know that your relationship with these guys is nothing more than a friendship, but another man who is not a part of the group will assume that you are in a relationship with one of your male friends. Think about the body language You can make yourself look unapproachable by the way that you stand or you sit.You may not like the thought of “marketing” yourself, but that is exactly what it takes to be successful in today’s highly competitive online dating scene.With more profiles than a man can look at in a lifetime, you have only a few seconds to make an impression and get him to look more deeply into your profile and, ultimately, initiate contact.

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