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In the months following the 2016 election, it popped into my head nearly every day.

(I also regularly think about the two runners-up in this genre of amazing honest reactions: Ilana Glazer’s “How say that I’ve finally gotten to a place where I can now answer the question of how I’m doing somewhat honestly.

Nelson frames this kind of opening up in the context of what she calls the “frientimacy triangle.” I found the framework (and the book!

) to be a really helpful tool, so I contacted her to talk more about it.

In fact, they might even feel that someone is giving them permission to be similarly honest when they need to be.

If you’re worried about burdening someone who just wanted to exchange pleasantries, that can be mitigated by what you share and how you share it (more on this in a moment).

Positivity, because it’s a baseline requirement, forms the base of the triangle.

But in this usage, positivity is not about being intractably upbeat.

A lot of people take it as indisputable fact that no one who asks “How are you? But even if the asker isn’t consciously looking for a more honest answer, they likely won’t recoil in horror when you offer it.

“Share a little and see how the person responds,” Nelson says. When I zoom out to get that perspective, I can see that it’s perfectly OK for me to be a little more vulnerable and authentic with my friends—in part because we’re all doing our best to bring that genuine positivity, even when things are shit.

If you’re thinking that being more open would make you feel better but simply have no idea how to respond to “How are you?

Pete Campbell learns that his mother has fallen off a cruise ship and is most likely dead.

Moments later, he steps into the elevator to find his coworker, Bob Benson.

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