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In the meantime, black women, who are arguably the backbone of the black community, who are arguably always behind black men, and who are always proving emotional support: are ignored; while black athletes, rappers and actors flock to nonblack women.

And what is even more troubling, is that oftentimes, these same black men will allow their nonblack partners to take on a bastardized version of a black woman (allowing them to use racial slurs, wear black/African hairstyles, talk with AAVE, Ex: Lovely Mimi), seeing it as hip, but castigate a black woman for doing the same thing.

The fetishization of black women is marked by taking their most stereotypical features (full lips, curvy bodies, etc.), and viewing them as more attractive when worn by non-black women.

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Fortunately for the Kardashians, their defenders are loud and proud, mistaken under the belief that bi-racial children and black partners completely absolve a person from anti-black sentiment.

Oddly enough, these women, who commodify and reduce black men down to their body parts, are constantly being uplifted and praised by black people alike.

They love blackness, undoubtedly as a prop, and as a fashion trend.

But once it is time to be vocal about black issues, and once they are given a chance to truly prove their love for blackness: they are silent (or better yet, they publicly degrade our willfulness to stand up for our rights.

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