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I’ve been meaning to do this for a while, just never felt ‘safe’ enough.Your blog looks like the perfect place for this, so you can publish this email if you want. I started writing and just had to keep writing what’s on my mind.Looking back, it was not a beautiful religious experience, although it might have seemed like that at the time. I wasn’t feeling love and forgiveness from a kind ‘creator’ who wanted to bring me to ‘complete delight’. I never had mental problems, and I completely ceased to have any problems after separating myself from bb completely and forever, in heart and mind.

But I just can’t do it, primarily because of the pain and regret that remembering all those things brings to me, and also because I want to forget all this, and leave it behind, and keep it miles and miles away from me and from my home, and from my computer and specially from my mind and heart.

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I occasionally Google them to see if anyone has ‘debunked’ them or if anyone is attacking them, only to dismay at the fact that they will always show up with their websites among the top results, even when you Google things like “Bnei Baruch satanic luciferian cult”.

The little criticism available is always old and hidden.

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