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The ultimate goal of Buddhism is for every individual to become free of samsara and achieve enlightenment, or nirvana. Until then, Buddhist death rituals help those practicing the faith attain a good rebirth to aid them on their journey.

The abbot Takuya Ono (head monk) collects over 500 games and want to attract younger people to visit the temple via board games and practice meditation via board games. plan_id=26Link: https://smatra.jp/dy/act/okitama/activity-info/other/yamagata/13805/? activity Type=product&lang=en Abbot's Twitter: https://twitter.com/ono_hourei Edit: fixed about sutra Does anyone have any recommendations for good spiritual or meditation based board games?

Buddhists in Thailand and other Southeast Asian countries practice these rituals.

Chinese and Laotian Buddhists celebrate Ghost Month, a time when the gates of hell are opened, and hungry ghosts are thought to walk the earth in search of food and gifts.

A mandala blanket, used during meditation, may also be used as a visual to help keep the person focused on good deeds and religious thoughts.

The family or friends may ask a monk to come and chant verses or read prayers, which helps the individual remain calm and peaceful in the face of his impending death.

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The funerals themselves can be very traditional and ritualistic or simple and dignified.An example would be Zoneplex, which has kind of a sci-fi/mystic warrior/psychic battle mash-up theme, but is fairly ruthless in its play (sort of like if Talisman and Munchkin had a baby..space).But there are a lot of board games that, when you look beyond the theme, are pretty relaxing and/or contemplative.It’s a two-player coop game where you move stones around a small board, trying to reach the middle, representing equilibrium.The theme is supposed to be like a romantic relationship where you play “emotion cards” that effect the movement of your stone.

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