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Chatbots simply aren’t as adept as humans at understanding conversational undertones.

For example, there’s a very large difference between the statements, While this is immediately apparent to a human being, it’s difficult for a machine to comprehend.

Well, this is the answer to the question that all your bosses and clients will eventually ask, “How do Chatbots work?

”A chatbot follows the same process, with two fundamental differences, the channel of communication and what you’re talking to.

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Chatbots are typically used in dialog systems for various practical purposes including customer service or information acquisition.Research has shown that the average American spends over five hours a day on their phone, with that number being higher for developing countries like China and India.A majority of this time is spent on messaging applications, particularly on what is considered the “Messaging Big 4” (Whats App, Messenger, We Chat, and Viber), so much so that messaging has officially surpassed social networks (Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Linkedin) in user count.”This article is the third in a four-part series called Chatbot 18. Now you know that regular Tropicana is easily available, but 100% is hard to come by, so you call up a few stores beforehand to see where it’s available.Other articles that were published in this series can be found here:#1: Your first question is how much of it does she want? You find one store that’s pretty close by, so you go back to your mother and tell her you found what she wanted.

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