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At best, we could switch to a different distro or package manager, but any of them could be vulnerable to the same (or a similar) attack.

While we could, in theory, write a custom solution, it would only be effective if Qubes repos included all of the regular Template VM distro’s updates, and this would be far too costly for us to maintain.

The Windows 10 Fall Creators Update can take up to four hours.

In this case, it states that it “might take several minutes,” which suggests that this is a minor update.

In the Qube Manager, simply select dom0 in the VM list, then click the Update VM system button (the blue, downward-pointing arrow).

In addition, updating dom0 has been made more convenient: You will be prompted on the desktop whenever new dom0 updates are available and given the choice to run the update with a single click.

By default, this role is assigned to the Firewall VM.) After the Update VM has successfully downloaded new packages, they are sent to dom0, where they are verified and installed.

This separation of duties significantly reduces the attack surface, since all of the network and metadata processing code is removed from the TCB.

In order to update dom0 from the command line, start a console in dom0 and then run one of the following commands: To check and install updates for dom0 software: If the update process does not automatically do it (you should see it mentioned in the CLI output from the update command), you may need to manually rebuild the EFI or grub config depending on which your system uses.

Not a big deal, considering I have what needed to do with the suite.

Yes, it’s a bad habit, since updating the suite also protects the system from security issues.

Since there is no networking in dom0, any bugs discovered in dom0 desktop components (e.g., the window manager) are unlikely to pose a problem for Qubes, since none of the third-party software running in dom0 is accessible from VMs or the network in any way.

Nonetheless, since software running in dom0 can potentially exercise full control over the system, it is important to install only trusted software in dom0.

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