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S., and one of the most recognized American fitness personalities.

This is his story: Chris Powell was originally born and raised in Mesa, Arizona.

After years of transforming his own body, Chris set about helping others do the same.

He started coaching local clients, eventually, becoming a fitness sensation across the U.

It’s been eye-opening to see how much you care about not only the kids’ happiness, but about mine and Chris’ too.

People reading this would be amazed to know that when times get tough for me and Chris, YOU are usually the one that reminds me of what is most important, and encourages me to (drop my ego and) “fix it”.

However, after taking on a weight training program which his parents recommended to him, Chris finally started to see changes.

In fact, within just a few months of lifting weights, Chris became so infatuated with his results that he set about making fitness his career.

He soon began appearing in national reality TV series, some of which he hosted himself.

Alongside his TV appearances, Chris also wrote two books on nutrition and training, and has appeared in a fitness documentary.

Growing up, Chris had a problem of being underweight.

No matter how much he ate, he just didn’t seem to gain any weight.

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