Christian dating devon

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I was making him the priority, versus the things I needed to be doing in my career.

So you have to put your own health and well-being as your number one priority, until you know that the person you are dating is someone that you can trust.” “Sometimes in our haste, we blur the lines and progress faster than the stage that we’re at.Reality set in that sometimes, we go into relationships and act out what we want.But we haven’t assessed the situation, and we don’t have the clarity about who the person really is because we are physically involved.But we need to take time and ask: am I making excuses for that person? That clarity comes with The Wait.” “Because my first question was ‘Lord, what’s my next move? I just need you to work on yourself.’ I realized then.There was something I was supposed to be doing in the meantime—cleaning house and getting as ready as I could on my own.

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