Coke can dating

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We take great pride on how we handle the purchasing of the cans from fellow collectors.Many of our customers that decide to sell their cans, have put many months and years into building up their prize collections.Are you looking to buy or sell BEER CANS or SODA CANS?We have the best selection of high end cans in the market, and are paying the absolute top price for old Beer cans or soda cans, and any vintage Beer signs.

" Yes we do, we use other sites as a reference for pricing cans, even shopping for cans for are own personal collections.I am a active collector, I specialize in Wisconsin flat tops, and Opening Instruction cans.I am the web master, I also do many of the beer can Appraisals.Tom loves soda cans with any kind of sports scene on the can. He also has a good knowledge of both soda and beer cans.Tom's son Trevor is also a BCCA member and collects cone tops. With a average of 32 years in the hobby we have handled some of the rarest, most exciting cans and made some of the most significant finds.

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