Convicted felon dating sites paul mccartney dating in 2016

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True was an online dating service that was founded in 2003 by entrepreneur Herb Vest. Its original name was True, but the company felt that this name was too limiting, as company leadership wanted to expand the company into other markets one day.

In 2004 the domain name was purchased and the company changed its name.

Felony convictions are public record which means that anyone can look at the court records and learn someone's criminal history.

The problem is, you need to know the person's name to look up the records.

This will pull up a listing of offenders within a defined radius of the area you're searching.

Most jurisdictions allow you to register for community alerts, which will notify you whenever a registered sex offender moves into the neighborhood.

Convicted felons will not only have their accounts canceled, but are reported to the IC3 and to local authorities.

True has lobbied state lawmakers in favor of legislation requiring online dating services to disclose whether or not they conduct background checks.Another True member discovered Wells' criminal history and alerted the company.Blogger David Evans is quoted in The New York Times as saying True's competitors were upset with True's sex-themed ad campaign, saying that "they worked hard to overcome the stigma of providing these services, [a]nd True comes in, grabs the lead in page views and drives up the cost of dating keywords on the search engines for everyone else." The New York Times and Online Dating Magazine have noted examples of customers having frustrating experiences trying to cancel their service, including the service failing to honor their cancellation request and charging them for several more months.Still, it is the subject of much controversy, as members have no way of knowing whether the wink was automatic or manual, and thus creates confusion.Some people have asked in their profiles not to be winked at for this exact reason.

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