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Browse profiles in your postcode or in the next city - the choice is yours! It really is easy to meet singles that are geeky, gamers and cosplayers.

We have 24 hour customer support teams on hand to keep an eye on your online space.

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Let cosplayers online tastes bring together cosplayers help cosplay build meaningful relationships. To begin online dating you just need dating join Cupid for free. Meaningful conversation is what can lead you to truly online relationships, alluring try alluring out this very moment.

Whether you hit dozens of cons a year in cosplay or you just like to rock the costume from time to time, LFGdating is the cosplay dating site for you.

With tons of authentic geeks, gamers, and cosplayers from all over the globe, we've got that special cosplay someone who you is just a click away.

I’ve loved “Sailor Moon” since I was in middle school, and I dressed up as her for Halloween a few years ago.

I remember watching “My Neighbor Totoro” when I was a kid, and I know tons of people who love “Spirited Away,” “Kiki’s Delivery Service,” “Dragon Ball Z,” “Ghost in the Shell,” and other anime movies, shows, and manga.

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