Dating a portuguese girl

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I was the happiest person when I saw Portuguese girls on their Erasmus year in Poland.

They'd not get a single bit of attention and would be the most desperate women in the clubs.. The difference is that Greek girls look hot and turn you horny but there is no relief.

Less money, fashion sense, even basic "good looking" genetics seems to be stronger with the swedes.

You could say the same about the Finns but they at least will have some money and confidence.

Regarding the topic though, I just had a recent 2 month stay in Lisbon.

It doesn't surprise me that Portuguese men are mostly lazy and out of shape (not fat, but that's more genetical than anything else) - the women just don't care!I am the typical case that in Portugal I can't kiss a girl to save my life, but when I'm abroad I do very well once again, I repeat myself.I'm so glad 99% of my portuguese friends don't understand my love for polish chicks. wasting time on going to stupid "cafézinhos" over and over.As other members said here, the guys seem to have more success than the women ESPECIALLY outside, I know quite a few guys that are some pretty swell playboys, I am in the making of being one myself, we normally have success because of the very same cheekiness and latin charm our girls here don't seem to appreciate.Too bad for them eh, the wall awaits Anyway I don't really appreciate our girls here, I always prefered Baltic and asian women in general anyway , I'll leave the country in two years or so , not really worried about it, however do not take every post in here so negatively since I think some of my fellow forum members might have exaggerated a little bit eh!

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