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With this in mind, here are some useful steps to help you to work out whether you’re ready and, if so, prepare you for what’s to come: Immediately following bereavement, you and your family have to make adjustments.

This can be a challenging time for a widow or widower and coming to terms with this new life state can be hard.

One of those transitions being my relocation to another state 600 miles away three months ago.

We have plans to see eachother at least every month for the next six. According to everyone ive spoken to, im too young to be in love.

We recommend that for a Shabbat or weekend in the same city, you give yourselves a block of a few hours' time apart each day.

If you both will be in the same vicinity for a week or more, consider one or two long dates (go on a daytime hike or spend an afternoon-into-evening together) as well as a couple of evening dates.

Rosie Einhorn (a psychotherapist) and Sherry Zimmerman (a psychotherapist and former family lawyer) are the authors of the newly-released book, Dating Smart – Navigating the Path to Marriage, published by Menucha Publishers.

They are the founders of Sasson V'Simcha ( a non- profit organization that provides programs and services in North America, Israel, and Europe to help Jewish singles and the people who care about them.

Im sixteen and my boyfriend is eighteen, we are coming up on six months of exclusive dating and we are very much in love, he has supported me through severl difficult transitions in my life and i have done the same for him.

In fact, Rosie had a bi-coastal courtship that resulted in a great marriage. Rosie & Sherry Questions for Rosie & Sherry can be sent to [email protected]

Due to the large volume of questions received, they are unable to answer each one.

Our families tell us its not going anywhere but we believe we can make it. Neither of us are willing to get married until we are midway through our twenties, but hes given me a promise ring and i wear it in support of our commitment to eachother, we dont fight and we get along. Dear David: I would highly recommend you pursue this fabulous girl. She could be the one that you have been looking for!

If you hit it off on the phone and by email, visiting in person should be comfortable and easy. So make an effort to keep on getting to know her until you visit each other in person.

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