Dating after three months

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For the first time in years, I found someone who saw through my every insecurity.And not only can he see through them, but he also finds them intriguing and beautiful.It’s the last thing you want to think about after 3 months of dating.

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But most importantly, it symbolizes accepting the love we all is ready to step up to the plate as your confidant and best friend.

It’s easy now to assume that your newfound love will only grow and flourish from here, but the truth is, it could still fizzle out, or go in the wrong direction, or you could be headed for a big emotional comedown if you ignore certain problems now.

So to see if this is a guy you can really be with long-term, here are 3 questions to consider when you’ve been dating for 3 months: No, it’s not all about sex.

When a concrete foundation is set, it brings smiles, comfort and a strong sense of friendship to the pair. According to, there's a reason we're so intrigued by this individual, to the point where we often make them our “number one” priority.

Helen Fisher, Ph D, stated, That someone takes on special meaning to you and you focus on this individual because the dopamine system has been activated.

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