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Forget lonely weekends; you now have new problem: too many women chasing after you. Reading it I can see exactly the limiting beliefs that have been holding me back.

I also see how the market is rigged against men being successful with women and it is also clear to me why your contrarian approach is so successful.

I always knew deep down what to do but didn't really know what to say or how to capitalize on it.

I know I am a good looking individual and girls are frequently checking me out but i didn't know how to engage them on the level that I knew would have results and be able to have sex with them in the first time i'd met up with them, and through your techniques I have done just that already a few times and my mojo is so high and i feel so good about myself and have such a good confidence level. "I was very pleased with the content in the attraction formula package.

You clearly are somewhat who walks the talk and can teach others to do the same.

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Just follow this simple but devastatingly effective formula and you'll soon be connecting with so many hotties, you won't know what to do with them all...

Jacob Green, or Jayingee, was Albert's previous best friend. It appears, yet not much is known about him, unfortunately, they are not friends due to the immense amount of shipping between them.

It made them uncomfortable, which may have seen why they broke it off.

He’s young, 25, has a cool job as a copywriter at a boutique ad agency – none other than Johnson & Booyah – and he lives in a hip, refurbished loft that he shares with his best buds, Woody and VJ.

He wears a light green shirt, light blue pants and white shoes.

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