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Puan Noor Aishah was born in 1933, and adopted by Fatimah Ali and Mohammad Salim Jusoh, an Eurasian man originally known as Barney Perkins, who had converted to Islam.They lived an unassuming life in Penang - until Puan Noor Aishah caught the eye of Mr Yusof.But, recalls Puan Noor Aishah, although her older sister had taken her to a garden one day to meet "a good man", all she did was sit at a table sipping tea. He and his friend were seated somewhere nearby so Mr Yusof could steal glances at her.

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Mr Yusof called their new home Sri Melati, or Jasmine, and paid for the rent out of his own salary.

So she made trips down to Arab Street to buy plain cloth, and would sew and embroider her own kebaya.

She adapted to her new life quickly, said the people around her, including former president Wee Kim Wee, a good friend of Mr Yusof's.

While Mr Yusof did not live to see the country he played an important part in creating develop, Puan Noor Aishah has witnessed Singapore's transformation over the last 50 years, added PM Lee.

"She celebrated SG50 with us, and she should soon see Singapore have another Malay president, if all goes well," he said.

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