Dating and male dominance

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In contrast, if men are looking for a long-term relationship (or women want a long-term partner), then focusing on male prestige might be more helpful.

Depending on your preference then, it might help to focus on the following: Dominant Men are often characterized by behavioral attractiveness—making bold moves.

Nevertheless, some confusion still remains about the specific male characteristics that are attractive to different types of women.

For example, do women really favor dominant men, who take charge and lead?

They are also usually good conversationalists—developing strong rapport with others and knowing how to use words to build attraction.They characterized the two types as follows: To research these characteristics, Kruger and Fitzgerald (2011) provided descriptions of a dominant and prestigious man to male and female research participants.They then asked participants to match the descriptions to various men’s faces, differing in how masculine or feminine they looked.Participants were also asked to indicate how attractive they believed women would find the men described for a brief sexual affair, a sort-term (2 month) relationship, and a long-term relationship as well.Findings from the study indicated that both male and female participants associated the description of the dominant man to a more masculine face—whereas the prestigious man was comparatively associated to a more feminine face.

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