Dating arthritis

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I’m not alone in my search for love while living with chronic illness.

I used to be skilled professionally at massage as an esthetician; now my hands can barely handle kneading dough.

You never really know how they are going to respond. I want them to see how strong RA has made me, the lessons it’s taught me, and how it’s shaped me into who I am today. Do I lie and say what I think they want to hear, or do I tell them the truth and risk being perceived as a Debbie Downer? And I don’t want to approach a potential relationship without honesty.

I want them to see my 60-plus pound weight loss and how seriously I take care of myself now. I inform dates of my arthritis at the soonest possible moment; I don’t want to waste any time weeding out the ones who have problems with it — or my son, for that matter.

I can’t count how many times a cute guy seems very interested in me until he finds out that what’s hidden behind the fit tattooed redhead is a chronic illness he can’t possibly understand. I believe having a positive outlook is key, and I try to.

are difficult questions to answer to a stranger who cannot see my invisible illness. But always being positive through chronic illness is a challenge.

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