Dating calling cards

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In the 19th century, gentlemen used calling cards to formally introduce themselves to new acquaintances and to call upon friends and relatives in a dignified way.

But there was another type of card used when a gentleman wanted to get the ball rolling with a lovely lady in a more casual way: the acquaintance card.

American Stationery has a variety of calling cards.

Whether you want a simple, bordered calling card, a card with a calligraphy initial or even a medieval themed calling card...

This isn't to say you should showboat (unless, of course, that is your personality), but you could fill out the back of your calling cards in a fashion similar to a dating website profile.

Parents could use personalized calling cards to share contact information with other parents to set up play dates between their children.All in all, it's fair to say that your personalized calling cards should represent who you are and what you do as a person and not as a business entity.They should be designed in your favorite colors, with your favorite fonts, and perhaps an icon or initial logo that you can claim as yours.And, your calling cards should have a purpose: they should direct recipients to ways they can learn more about you - your social networks, website and personal contact information.Your recipients should be able to take one glance at your personalized calling cards and know that they are about the one and only you.

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