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Alex’s Lemonade Stand – Various Opportunities Deadline: See below Alex’s Lemonade Stand Foundation (ALSF) is pleased to announce that grant applications are now being accepted in the following categories: Innovation Grant Letter of Intent, Deadline: Nov.

3, 2014 Do you have a novel idea that has potential for high impact on pediatric cancer patients?

lifts from obscurity the story of James Teit (1864–1922), an outstanding Canadian ethnographer and Indian rights activist whose thoughtful scholarship and tireless organizing have been largely ignored.

A team of UBC staff, leading earthquake faculty experts and engineering consultants has produced a study examining how to protect lives, research programs, infrastructure and assets on the university’s Vancouver campus in the event of a catastrophic earthquake.

The letter of intent must be approved in order to submit a full proposal.

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FUNDING OPPORTUNITIES: Patient Safety Institute – 2014-15 Studentships Deadline: October 21, 2014 The Canadian Patient Safety Institute is pleased to be supporting students once again this year with funding for research focused on the role and importance of patients in improving patient safety.— that engender trust, safety, and privacy in connected learning environments, and that empower learners to connect and learn anywhere, anytime in ways that are equitable, social, participatory, and interest-driven.These scalable, innovative, and transformative exemplars of connected learning must include open standards, or commonly agreed upon interoperable standards for accessing, sharing, and protecting information across multiple platforms and services that “talk” to each other.Studentships are an important way to increase student capacity in applied patient safety research.They aim to create new collaborative learning opportunities to facilitate implementation of practical ideas and tools to improve patient safety.

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