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This means you can have friends you’re attracted to, or interested in, and respect the fact that it may never turn romantic.

You can also be clear about the fact that you’re not attracted to someone, and only want to be friends, without the friendship self-imploding.

You may or may not have communicated how you feel, so either you expect they’ll return your feelings, or you’re waiting around to see if they’ll all of a sudden be into you.

Trust me, people tend to leap from friends to more than friends if it’s really going to happen, and if the timing is right. Also, the whole thing is not necessarily anyone’s fault. There’s no reason to feel guilty for not liking someone back, and there’s no excuse for guilt-tripping someone into being with you.

Too often, this term is used by men who are bummed when the object of their desire doesn’t reciprocate. And when men use the phrase “friend zone,” it’s usually an attempt to shame a woman for hurting their feelings or saying no to the prospect of a relationship.

Which is bullshit.“A guy that liked me set me up with one of his friends I liked, because he thought that guy would break my heart and I’d go running back to him and fall in love.

He told me he would accept that versus having nothing, if it was what I wanted.

We’ve been married going on 10 years now.” If you’re the lovelorn person in this equation, do yourself a favor and accept it.

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