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“The Sound Of The City” was not simply a “jingle” for KSFO, sung by a men’s chorus; it was also an ode that nearly attained the status of a civic anthem to the beautiful City By The Bay.

Written by the famed choral director Johnny Mann, this theme music for a radio station managed to strike a chord with Bay Area listeners in unparalleled fashion.

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Manufactured as an extended-play record — the size of a seven-inch “single” 45 r.p.m. — on one side, the disc contained the original and three popular variations on the “Sound Of The City” theme, plus “Bye Bye Baby,” the opening music for San Francisco Giants baseball broadcasts on KSFO.

“Bye Bye Baby” and the three variations on the “Sound Of The City” theme — “The Beat Of San Francisco,” “Bolero” and “Madrigal” — were credited to Hugh Heller and Allyn Ferguson, who had created arrangements for Count Basie, Rosemary Clooney, Sarah Vaughn and Johnny Mathis over the years.

There are over 850 tracks, from a bunch of different gaming franchises.

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The exact date of the recording is uncertain; it is figured that it was recorded between 19.

Later, localized versions were also produced for San Diego, Reno, Seattle and Portland, as well as other cities across the country.

(The publishing credits Johnny Mann and Hugh Heller as the composers, although Mr.

Mann adamantly claims that the composition was entirely his own.) Recorded at United Recorders on Sunset Boulevard in Hollywood, the singers on “The Sound Of The City” included Thurl Ravenscroft — the voice of “Tony The Tiger” of cereal commercial fame — and Johnny Mann himself.

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