Dating in the vacinity

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The information is, of course, accurate only to the extent that the source documents contained accurate information and the researchers accurately interpreted and recorded the information.

In some cases, particularly for deaths and marriages that occurred from the mid-1950s to the early 1990s, some of the "F" (Free Press) and "S" (Standard) references are not accompanied by a date.

There may be other locations where the documents and records are available.

Others make the most of the freemium income model, offering free registration and use, with elective, paid, premium services.

(For a list of sources and where they may be located, see the References and Sources page which can be accessed by clicking on "Notices" at the top of the page.) The research was started by Burlington area natives, Henrietta and Aloysius Vande Sand, long-time members of the Burlington Historical Society, and has been continued by their son, Don. In cases where first names or maiden names were not recorded in the source documents, a question mark ("?

The information is in summary form and is intended as a "finding aid." The databases are not a "primary source" in terms of genealogical research; neither are most of the source materials. ") indicates that the information was not available.

They may also be available through your local library's reference desk.

The Burlington Genealogical Society, from time to time, has members who, for a fee and expenses, will do limited research.

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