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However, we know that many fraudulent dating sites use this tactic to lure people in and take their money.

But, after you pay you will no longer be getting any messages because the site’s owners got their money.

The growth of social media encourages internet-based connections with the people we know and love and the people we would like to get to know and love.

We are busier than ever at work, our jobs require that we either travel or move to new cities, and as a result, we don’t have the luxury to rely on finding a partner through connections with family or friends.

If you have ever been to a web page that blocks access to their content until you share or like their web page you probably also feel it is a really cheap and low class tactic and this page shows you how to easily bypass the locked or blocked content WITHOUT having to share or like the website.

A new trend with Word Press based website owners is to force the user to share the web page before view it which is a sort of internet oxy moron because how can you like or recommend a web page BEFORE you view it. The more social back-links a website has the more search engines notice them, think their website is important and relevant, the higher the position their website/web pages appear in search results which results in more traffic for them and more money this popup box appears asking you to like or share their page blocking your view of the webpage until you like or share them.

One tip from us is to always read the Terms and Conditions of use before you start using, or at least when you give your credit card info to a site on the internet.

If you have any further questions and would like to know more, feel free to post your questions in the section below.

You never know who when someone might find your input useful. Suite 600 Los Angeles, CA 90025 Email Contact: Contact Page Phone Number: 1-888-854-3803 If you feel you have been deceived or ripped off you can contact the Better Business Bureau to file a complaint and report the site.

This only explains why the site has a need to collect your profile data and points out that they will distribute them on other affiliated sites or share with contractors.

Just think about it: Who is behind the dating profiles posted on other networks if it’s not you?

is affiliated with other dating sites including Christian, and Black

In this review, we will explain the scamming mechanisms uses and provide solid evidence why this site is an illegitimate dating service. In the terms of use page we read a paragraph in which it explains that you are giving all rights to take, reuse, copy, translate, distribute, broadcast, and sublicense all personal information you attach and post on your dating profile.

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