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It is a lot harder than you may think especially without any props to entertain.

Getting by with just your words is more complicating then you being able to re enact your favorite scene from a movie or whatever.

Who wouldn't fall hard and fast when you've got nothing to do for weeks at a time but bond, and there are no worries as to whether you or your date can truly afford filet mignon?!

The second thing people noticed when Taylor was snapped on the beach near her Rhode Island home kissing and taking selfies with Tom Hiddleston last week was her outfit.

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The chapters shown in the beginning are used to show you how the DVD will actually play.

Maple lattes, apple picking, singing in the car, dancing around the kitchen, trips to the grocery story, steak dinners...

The Video sample below features David and Shannon Vega. The 9 minute slide show features pictures of David and Shannon each growing up and then pictures of them dating.

Three songs were used in this video montage to go along with the 3 chapters.

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