Dating poetry

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O my Love sent me a lusty list, Did not compare me to a summer’s day Wrote not the beauty of mine eyes But catalogued in a pretty detailed And comprehensive way the way(s) In which he was better than me.One important clarification—does your beloved hold these things over your head?I hope you feel you can discuss this with a real professional, and with your partner.I love that the last word of Davis’s poem is “me.” It all starts and ends there— can do the work to begin repairing your own self-esteem.Does he catalog “in a pretty detailed / And comprehensive way the way(s)” he is more successful than you? If yes, it sounds like he is perhaps not the prize you make him out to be, that he may be neglecting a key part of his journey toward self-improvement.It strikes me as a huge red flag when you say, “every time I see him I end up feeling small.” It’s possible that part of the situation might also be your difficulty perceiving your own self-worth, which could be rooted in any number of things.But at no point in our relationship has Paige ever lorded these things over me—we keep playing chess and I learn to be more patient in my moves, we keep going out to memorize poems and my slowness means we get to take longer walks.

“I just went out and started flirting, dating, sexing, and having one night stands,” said Campbell.

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"Richard Van Camp was hosting a class, and towards the end of the class he looked up …

and [was] like, ' I want you to write about the sacred orgasm,'" said Campbell.

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