Dating questionnaire multiple choice

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In terms of output there is no difference in how responses are stored compared to List (Radio) question type.

The given answer is stored in a separate column in the result table for both question types.

questions allow the respondent to choose between the multiple response options presented.

The multiple choice questions can be customized to allow the respondent to choose either one or more of the options listed, depending on your specific needs.

It allows respondents to answer various statements and factors that have the same scale.

Example: Array increase decrease This question type provides two scales of answer options for each subquestion.You can also see it as a starting point from where you can get to different wiki sections that explain in detail every question type.Please note that a Lime Survey survey consists of question groups which contain one or more question.In that case the value entered by the respondent is the 'answer' and the two scales on the array are two scales of subquestions.The Array question type further extends the List question type.

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