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For people who’ve never interacted with a wheelchair user, the first time can be intimidating (especially if you don’t know proper etiquette).

Exchanging a few flirtatious messages online, though, paves the way for a smooth first date.

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Unlike Woodward, who feels the Internet can bring out more negative in people than positive, Carlson thinks online dating is actually a better, less scary way for guys to approach her.

Stephanie Woodward, a 26-year-old lawyer with spina bifida, recently turned to online dating as a fun and cheap way to explore her new city.

However, the online reactions from men to photos of her using a wheelchair have been nothing more than a “shitshow,” she says.

While heading to a first date, for instance, she often can’t help wondering if walking with crutches—which she can do for short distances—would be better than using her wheelchair.

Normally, she says, she chooses whatever is most comfortable for her.

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