Dating somebody suffering fear of abandonment

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Since people with abandonment issues live with a fear of being left alone they tend to cling on to a partner tightly.

Sometimes this overwhelming neediness may express itself as wanting excessive reassurance for instance when he asks umpteen numbers of times, “Will you call me”, “Were you thinking of me”, “Would you like to go out with me again”? These people need constant reassurance of love and affection from their partners which sometimes has the unfortunate and opposite effect of driving people away.

Avoiding intimacy Sometimes people with abandonment issues may exhibit a radically opposite side, that of entirely avoiding any intimacy with a new partner.

If your guy has been left hurt in the past, he would instinctively shy away from forming any relationship, no matter how sincerely loving you are.

At its simplest, a person with abandonment issues has a perpetual fear of being abandoned by those close to him.

So if they perceive their partners getting near to others, they take it as a violation of their rights to their partners and become insanely jealous.

An extreme form of this neediness sometimes takes the form of emotional blackmailing.

Above all, make it a point to keep your promises – if you have said you will call, make it a point to do so.

Your guy’s abandonment issues is likely the result of broken promises and one way of helping him to overcome them is to show that you can be trusted.

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