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I tried to be there for him but he totally withdrew and would reject my advances and we started fighting a lot because of it.He told me he loves me, but felt like I was smothering him and he needed to find himself.MORE: How to Redeem Yourself After Acting Needy What’s the deadly mindset/perspective that will guarantee you act needy?It’s believing that you could “lose something” or that something could happen that would create a “lack of something” in your life.or else I won’t be happy,” then you set yourself up for tremendous unhappiness.You see, that style of thinking is completely backwards and it will drive the guy away. Well, it’s simple: Men are attracted to women who are happy (not feeling like they are unhappy unless they “get” specifically what it is that they want).My ex broke up with me last month after being together for over a year.

All relationships are going to require moments where you give the guy space.

What I mean by this is that if you take on a certain perspective, you are guaranteed to act needy.

And if you take on a different perspective, you will never act needy.

Jessica has gone through a tough breakup with her boyfriend, Jason. It has been a long time since she has properly taken care of her looks, and is now a bad mess!

Help Jessica become beautiful again by giving her a full makeover.

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