Dating vintage dietz lanterns

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The exact age of this lantern is not known, but some design features indicate that it's an earlier model, dating anywhere from the 1890s through the early 1900s.

This is an late version of the early tall frame Vesta models.

The Vestas were made from the 1890s through 1960 with the same basic overall design, but different features. This one has an unmarked frame, but the globe is marked for the C&NW RR, which was the Chicago and Northwestern Railroad.

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6 lanterns are marked for the New York Central, like this one.The Vulcan lantern was discontinued in 1944, so this lantern dates to anytime prior to that, but probably newer than the 1920s.Vintage Coleman 220F Double Mantle 220F 228F Vintage 1955 Coleman Coleman Lantern Model 200A Dated Lantern Model 200A Dated Coleman Quicklite Mica Globe 220E Green Lantern 200A195 Vintage 1965 Coleman Lantern 220F Double Mantle Coleman 200A195 Lantern Dated 4 Agm American Gas Coleman Quicklite Lantern 200A195 Red 200A Single Mantle Camping Lantern Lantern Dated 6 Coleman Lantern 220F 228F Single Mantle Lantern Green Coleman 228D Coleman Lantern Globe Red Letter 220E Double Mantle Single Mantle Pyrex 1954 Coleman Fishing Lantern Model Quicklite Lantern Vintage Coleman 202 Double Mantle Gas Lantern Lantern Model 220J Coleman Lantern Cl2 Coleman 237 1973 Coleman 220H Lantern Dated 10 Vintage Coleman Powerhouse 1956 Coleman White Gas Lantern Vintage Coleman Lantern Model 275 220J Double Mantle Agm American Gas Machine Lantern Lantern Dated 5 200A Sunshine Of The Night Coleman 220J Double Mantle Lantern Vintage 1963 Coleman Coleman Lantern Model 220H Lantern Model 220H Letter Pyrex 200 Single Mantle Lantern Vintage Coleman Lantern Model 220 Lantern Model 242C Double Mantle Camping Vintage Coleman 242B 228F Green 236 Coleman Coleman Cl2 Model 228E 1965 Coleman Lantern Coleman Lantern Model 242C Lantern Wichita 242C Single Mantle Lantern Pyrex Sunshine 2 Mantle Green Coleman Lantern Company Coleman 321 Model 220J 220F Double Mantle Lantern Coleman Lantern 228H Lantern Collar Coleman Model 242C 242C Single Mantle Vintage Coleman Lantern Model 220E Propane Gas Lantern 228F Double Mantle Coleman Lantern Model 228E 220E Dated 220E Lantern Dated Antique Coleman Lantern Model Vintage Coleman Lantern Yellow Lantern Model 228E Single Mantle Lantern Dated Easi-Lite Lantern Model 242C Lantern Dated 7 Vintage 1967 Coleman Vintage 1965 Coleman Coleman Lantern 220F Dated Coleman 220F Double Mantle Vintage Thermos Lantern Coleman Lantern 220D Gas Camp Lantern Vintage Kamplite Coleman 335 220 Gas Lantern Lantern Dated 12 Coleman 237 Lantern Green Ventilator 220F Sunshine Vintage Coleman 220K Lantern Lantern Dated 8 Lantern Dated 1 Model 220H 1962 Red Coleman Military Gas Lantern Coleman 228H Single Mantel Coleman Lantern 200A Fuel Copper Coleman Kamplite Lantern Gold Bond Lantern Vintage 1959 Coleman 1959 Coleman 220F Dated Lantern Model 476 Double Mantel Lantern Dated 11 Stock Coleman 1955 Coleman Vintage Coleman Lantern Model 228F Fuel Filter Funnel Vintage Coleman 220K Coleman Single Mantel Lantern Model 220K Agm American Gas Machine Vintage 1948 Coleman 1978 Coleman Coleman Single Mantel Lantern Coleman 220D Coleman 290 Lantern Coleman Gold Bond Lantern Fuel Tank Coleman Lantern Model 220J Coleman Lantern 1964 Lantern Yellow Clamshell Lantern Model 275 1948 Coleman Coleman Fuel Cap Single Mantle Gas Lantern Model 220K Coleman Lantern Nut Vintage 1961 Coleman Model 275 Brown Coleman Lantern Reflector Single Mantle Gas Lantern Model 220 Vintage 1962 Coleman Red Letter Pyrex Globe Colman Lantern Vintage 1971 Coleman Coleman Military Gas Lantern Model 200A Single Mantle Adjustable Two Mantle Lantern Vintage 1978 Coleman Powerhouse Lantern Vintage Sears Coleman Coleman Lantern Generators 1949 Coleman Lantern Ventilator Top Coleman Lantern Model 242'S Lantern Model 228F Red Letter Pyrex Vintage 1973 Coleman Single Mantle Camp Lantern 275 Gas Lantern 1974 Coleman Coleman Adjustable Two Mantle Coleman Lantern Model 335 Lantern Model 335 Vintage Antique Coleman Model Vintage 1964 Coleman 1950'S Coleman Vintage 1952 Coleman Mantle Nickel Vintage 1974 Coleman Lantern Model 242B 220F Gas Lantern Coleman Green 200A Single Mantel Lantern Dual Mantel Lantern Coleman Double Mantel Lantern Coleman Filtering Single Mantle Camping Lantern Pyrex Globe Usa Double Mantel Lantern 1952 Coleman Vintage 1950'S Coleman Gas Lantern Dated Coleman Double Mantel Yellow Clamshell 1958 Coleman Lantern For Parts Or Repair Globe Sunshine Vintage Coleman 242'S Lantern For Parts Or Restoration 1971 Coleman Thermos Lantern 220E Sunshine Camp Lantern Model Coleman Canada Lantern Model 2 Mantel Lantern Coleman 290 Antique Lantern~Dietz Monarch~New York NY~Blue with Clear Glass Globe This lamp is in great condition. Contact me through ebay's message system with any questions BEFORE you bid. ANTIQUE VINTAGE EMBURY SUPREME#162 KEROSENE LANTERN W/ DIETZ GLOBE. The name was changed from the Kentucky & Indiana Bridge Company to "Terminal Company" in 1910 as the railroad expanded it's yards and service.It lasted until absorbed into the Southern Railroad in 1981 and eventually the Norfolk and Southern.

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