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Visit the The Red Lion & Sun, where in the summer you can enjoy chatting in the sunshine in the beer garden, or in the winter get cosy sitting around the fire inside with some mulled wine or cider.

A visit to the cinema is a classic date idea, but to step it up a notch, suggest seeing a film at the Art House in Crouch End.

Do you find that you have to compete with the apps? There is really no comparison because we did not start this business to compete with dating apps. Apps may give you access to outer social circles, which is great.

This is our passion project which has become our full-time career. But just because someone is great, it doesn’t mean they’re looking to commit or they’re necessarily right for you. Our typical male client and female members are educated, professional, educated, successful, fit, attractive, and serious about commitment. We do not work with more than 30 active male clients nationwide at one time.

With a programme leaning towards independent and foreign films, but still showing recent Hollywood blockbusters, there is something for everyone to enjoy.

Islington’s Upper Street is lined door to door with restaurants that make a great spot for a classy date.Our clients are ever changing and frequently getting into relationships, so we are typically able to help everyone we select to work with.Are demands from your male clients as intense as we’d might expect? Most of our male clients are very successful and type-A in their careers, so this transcends into who they select to spend time with. There are plenty of romantic things to do in London, but with so many options comes the difficulty in deciding which will be best for you and your date.So, it’s no surprise that you may be feeling a bit bewildered over which romantic things to do in London.

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