Dr alex benzer the tao of dating

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More from Alex Benzer Published: May 2, 2008 Have you ever wondered what your dating life would be like if you never had to worry about rejection?

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You're coming from such a deep place that all those gimmicks from days of yore will seem quaint.

You will also realize that you have real choice, since what you have to offer will be so darn powerful. from UC San Diego Medical School, and an MPhil from Cambridge University.

This last weekend, I attended a 3-day seminar which was truly powerful and transformative.

So much so that I'm still processing all the insights right now.

And matter in the form that we see it is electrically neutral—five gazillion trillion electrons balanced by the exact same number of protons.

Ions are electrically unbalanced, and that's why they're unstable and looking to react with something with the opposite charge to restore neutrality.

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The deep masculine is like a container, and the deep feminine is what it contains.

Besides the fact that the seminar affected me deeply and has probably changed my neurology permanently (for the good, we hope), it made me realize several things that you guys will find very useful in your dating lives.

The big point is this: when you're coming from a deep understanding of your unwavering purpose in life and are fully aligned with that, and then add to it your understanding and appreciation of the deep feminine as well as your sense of humor about the dance of life (since we're all going to die anyway), you just become this juggernaut of male attractiveness that women find irresistible. Because there just aren't many men out there like that.

So the contents of the universe—light and energy—are feminine, while space itself is masculine.

The river is feminine, while its banks are masculine. One metaphor that was particularly powerful was that of the man as the flagpole and the woman as the flag.

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