Eight simple rules for dating my teenage daughter episode guide

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Even in this longer episode, some things seemed too neatly contrived.

All three children reacted differently to the news, but by episode's end, all three had rallied, found some measure of peace and were able to provide one another and their mother with loving support.

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Last night's episode of ''8 Simple Rules . The network chose to work John Ritter's sudden death in September into the plot of a special one-hour episode. Ritter played, ran out for milk one morning and died of a heart attack in the supermarket, leaving his wife, Cate, and three teenage children to deal with their shock and loss.

James Garner, who made a guest appearance as the grandfather, was a huge help.

When his wife (Suzanne Pleshette), busily helping Cate wrap up food from the wake, scolded him for rushing their daughter into finding her husband's last column, he sarcastically replied, '' I'm sorry, I know professional obligations aren't nearly as important'' as freezing leftovers.

The executives decided that the more reasonable course would be to follow the grief-stricken Hennessy family as it struggles to get on with life.

Now that they have an all-too-real reason to lash out, talk back, sulk and disappoint, they may seem a lot less funny.

'' Everwood,'' one of the WB network's more popular shows, is centered on the relationship of a father and a son after the mother dies, and it is an emotionally fraught hourlong drama.

The initial appeal of ''8 Simple Rules'' lay in the playful friction between Paul Hennessy and his sarcastic, at times astonishingly rude teenage daughters, Bridget (Kaley Cuoco) and Kerry (Amy Davidson). Ritter was the straight man, a stay-at-home dad who was perennially one step behind his knowing, needling daughters and smart-aleck son, Rory (Martin Spanjers).

Today most successful family sitcoms, from '' Yes, Dear,'' to '' According to Jim,'' showcase two-parent households.

Viewers have grown accustomed to more realistic depictions of family life and do not easily accept children who seem blithely unmarked by the loss of a mother or father.

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