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The opposition parties boycotted the vote, which abolished the office of prime minister and made Chad’s regime presidential, with the intention of turning the country into a monarchy.

In July 2016, the then-director general of the Foreign Ministry, Dore Gold, visited Chad as part of the countries’ efforts to improve relations.

Because of its location in north-central Africa it has been a destination for refugees from neighboring countries, especially Sudan and the Central African Republic.

Netanyahu told Deby that it was very significant for Israel that a Muslim-majority country is seeking Israel's friendship, and that he "believes in Chad and in Africa's future." Netanyahu was also received by Chad's Foreign Minister Mahamat Zene and other senior officials.

Netanyahu will have lunch with Deby before flying back to Israel.

It said Sudanese refugee children were also recruited by armed groups including the Justice and Equality Movement.

The report documents cases of children associated with rebel groups who were captured and sometimes returned to their families and sometimes handed over to the U. children’s agency, UNICEF, for psychological care and reintegration into society.

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