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Go out of your way to make sure she feels included, and create time for just the two of you to hang.“My best friend never asked my permission to date my twin brother, and was rude to me about the whole situation.

I got sick of her using me to get to him — she would ask to come over, but really would be coming just to see him. The whole situation was awkward, uncomfortable, and in the end I just got hurt and lost a friend.” —: Dating a friend’s family member often leads to the demise of a friendship.

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Or, “We have a history together.” Or, “You just don’t understand them.” What to do? Birds of a feather don't always flock together: As long as your partner stays true-blue, staying mum about his/her friends is the path of least resistance. The trick here is to handle your feelings in the most nonjudgmental way possible, says Hartman, because it’s counterproductive to call them idiots.

“Last spring my friend's cousin and I were interested in each other.That has to indicate some kind of meeting of the minds, right? Say something like this to your partner: "Go out with your friends. However, if you've tried being supportive, communicative, compassionate and inviting, but you still aren’t getting any love back, then take a breather. Feel like it's time to learn a little acceptance and support your partner in his/her relationships? Say something like, "I’d like you to make more of an effort so your friends can get to know me." By wording it this way, you’re asking your partner to be sensitive to your plight, Brosh says. This makes the conversation less “Your friends are jealous of me” and more “I want to be part of your life.” But...You can start by putting these excuses to rest: But... Since you're not a mind reader, let’s not assume this is true. all they do is talk about old times when they’re together. But keep in mind that it takes time to develop relationships of any depth, says Burgo.

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