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We showed each other pictures of our wives and discussed all of us going to dinner. After we finished our beers, I went home and picked up my wife and drove her to a cheap motel near the golf course and called my buddy to come over and fuck her.

As soon as my buddy saw the picture of my wife he said “Is that your wife?

Both are infuriating yet addictive at the same time.

Both make you feel like an addict who just wants more.

Hi Guys, I’ve read a few things before about women “accidentally” finding out about their man on dating sites, but mine really was (or so I think! This year however we’ve really hit it off and things are going from good to great. Now given the version of windows he has, the last few downloads he had done were in a little list and I noticed that two of them were from a swinging site.

We saw each other a few times from the middle of last year but nothing much. Then last weekend I was at his place and we were chatting and he called me over to the computer to show me a picture he was downloading.

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He’s worried that you might leave him since he’s damaged goods. Or tell him how you discovered his secret and get this all out in the open. (This is his backup plan, albeit not a very sounds one.) So what do you think? There are no guarantees he’ll be receptive to the conversation, but we’d opt for the latter. It’s hard to say based on what little we know, and the fact that we don’t know him personally. Likely, he’ll be a bit embarrassed at first until you reassure him. Relationships need to have a solid foundation of trust in order for them to thrive and grow. If you have ever dreamt of watching as hot juicy babes of different races are taking part in hot fucking videos, then this place will definitely satisfy all your needs!

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