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Note: you can watch Naruto and Naruto Shippuden episodes at (no download required) to date anyone in Naruto ultimate ninja 3 you have to give them a gift of some kind (you can buy presents at shops or the merchant).

you can give each character 2 gifts and in return Naruto gets to go on a "date" with them twice.

She adores the Kazekage, and is one of the few that doesn't fear him. None of the students were brave enough to choose Gaara as their teacher, except for Matsuri etc.

There isn't released much data about Matsuri, and therefore the date of her birth are unknown. Surprisingly enough she is not only shown in the fillers; She eventually made…

hope this helps ^^ Not yet ; D Naruto hasn't done anything with his romantic interest, whoever it is... you pick) and Matsuri, no matter how much Gaara does or does not like her, is half filler, half canon character.

Yes, During the 'Ultimate Weapon' arc (plus/minus episode 216-220 [which is the Naruto fillers that are not related to the original story a.k.a Naruto manga].

There are no episodes in Naruto or Naruto Shippuden that shows Naruto and Hinata going out, or even go on a date.

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