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This will help keep students up to date with the latest educational content when updates become available.Apple also detailed new areas of customization such as personalizing fonts.The video covers new layout templates that are portrait only, La Tex and Math ML support, scrolling sidebar and pop-up widgets.Mashable has a post by Samantha Murphy “Apple Reinforces Education Push with i Books Author Update.” The highlight is Now, publishers can add mathematical expressions into digital textbooks and access multi-task widgets.Adding a rendition:spread = none meta property turns off the annoying fake book skeuomorphism in FXL EPUBs in i Books.overflow: scroll in FXL epubs in i Books doesn’t work if you set it on body or html. I would have thought that attribution would be an important part of sharing a quote. Apple FXL files have no spec as afar as I know, just documentation.A good thing in a world where on the screen, everyone reads by scrolling. [Blame in on the Google Translation.] Read Write has posted “Apple’s Slow But Radical Overhaul of Education,” which focuses more on how Apple is positioning itself to capture the secondary education market, though it does have this to say about the updates: The next wave of that impact won’t come from i Books 3 or the new version of i Books Author, which are both nice, but relatively minor updates.Walrus in, we believe it is a necessary and a real gain for reading on screen. If anything from Tuesday’s event will help push digital textbook adoption forward, it’s the hardware.

For example, as far as I can tell, Math ML does actually work, as long as the book is an i Books Author book. Emailing notes from i Books en masse is easy and works nicely. I *hate* the garish faux-book cartoon parody that i Books uses.At The Digital Reader, Nate Hoffelder (@th Digital Reader) posted “i Books 3.0 Wasn’t Nearly the Update I Expected.” In some ways it is a post-event response to his optimistic pre-event post “i Books 3.0 Coming Next Week – Adds More Support for Epub3.” The bottom line is that Hoffelder is disappointed in the update.The positives include: But at least this app does have access to new dictionaries for German, Spanish, French, Japanese and Simplified Chinese (i OS6 required).The only question in my mind that remains is what features Apple has implemented behind proprietary toggles.The good news is that regular reflowable EPUB3 files in i Books now seem to support absolute positioning.

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