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There’s Usas (Ushas) who’s the Goddess of the dawn, Sita, an avatar of Lakshmi; she’s the perfect wife to Ram, the revered June Cleaver of the Hindu world. And if none of these goddesses turn you on, guess what, you’ve got a lot of other choices. They are in front of you on the escalator at the mall. Don’t just look for them in history books or on the walls of temples. Join our community of seekers, dreamers, and doers to empower your own evolution.

There are powerful, feminized mythological figures out there for every human condition, for every human emotion for everything that happens throughout the world. These names are ancient and these characters are mythological. Discover over 8,000 ad-free, streaming videos to inspire and encourage curiosity.

I had lied my way into scoring a weekend pass away from my all-girls boarding school in upstate New York.

The left arm is raised with the left hand in Kapitta Hasta mudra. If the day your boyfriend left you was also the day you wrecked your car, and was the same day you found out your dog was sick, then congratulations, you’ve met Kali.On my second visit to India, I attended a puja (ceremony) honoring the goddess Kali.When we hear the word Goddess, we typically think of is everything from the Virgin Mary to Xena Warrior Princess.I believe that’s the great power of deities and what we love about them.I’ve traveled a lot and worked all over the world, and have seen a lot of Goddesses.

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