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21) and how consequently IGM practices in Switzerland are paid for by the "Swiss Federal Invaliity Insurance" (p. • During its 12th Pre-Sessional Working Group (PSWG) in September 2019, the Committee will draft the List of Issues (LOI) with questions for Switzerland, hopefully including strong ones about intersex and IGM.

• Switzerland will then have to answer these questions in its Replies to the LOI.

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• On Monday NGOs briefed the Committee in a private NGO meeting.

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Find Love, Peruse the Free Personals, & Discover the Top Internet Dating Destination right now.While noting that in January 2019 the Government Equalities Office launched a call for evidence to better understand the experiences of intersex persons in the United Kingdom, the Committee remains concerned about reports of cases of unnecessary surgery and other medical treatment with lifelong consequences, including severe pain and suffering, to which intersex children have been subjected.The Committee is further concerned about the lack of legal provisions providing redress and rehabilitation in such cases (arts.• NGOs will then have another opportunity to submit NGO reports.Therafter, Switzerland will be examined in Geneva, arguably in 2020 – hopefully to be followed by yet another strong reprimand for IGM practices for Switzerland!

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