Invalidating feelings relationship

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Sorry for the length, I'm a very detailed person. I just want to know, what did I, if anything do wrong or miss.

What method should I approach her with for us to hopefully resolve these issues?

It didn't seem that bad so I figure I'll give her a bit before trying to get friendly with her. She says, she's not mad and why would I ask that, why not ask of there's a problem instead of being so negative.

I'm always sensitive to her feelings so it bothers me more that she's never sensitive to mine. For me, it was explaining my legitimate reasons for why I felt she was bothered and why I asked, only for her to treat me as if I'm stupid for not knowing her better to know nothing was wrong and obviously something was.When I speak calmly and with reason and I'm being repeatedly told I have no reason to feel how I feel, nothing feels more belittling and insulting. I explain my reasonable reasons why I asked and she treats me like a moron for asking because as mentioned her eye contact and asking if I'm OK should tell me nothing is wrong, even though she sounded moody when she said it and was being quiet and cold with me all night after.This doesn't happen often but each time it does it feels like a scar is reopened and cut deeper and I'm slowly being pushed to my breaking point. Her downplaying what I think and feel, which I see as treating me as if I'm crazy, regularly happens when I express myself and I'm getting to the point I can't take it.I've always been one to keep things to myself unless I feel it really needs to be shared, but my girlfriend is someone I should be able to express myself with.I am an extremely calm person, but I of course have my limit as we all do. After asking if she was mad she goes off saying she's fine and I should know she is because she looked at me and asked if I'm OK when she first saw me and says this shows we have communication issues.

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