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Emphasis on important rock-forming environments and processes and their influence on rock characteristics.

Her research has been supported by grants from the NICHD, USDA, Joint Center for Poverty Research, and the Annie E. She has published papers on a diverse array of topics including nonresident parent-child relationships, child support, childhood obesity, adoption, and women’s financial literacy. Basic hydrologic principles including climate, surface water, groundwater, and water quality. Study of the occurrence, history, development, and management of world water resources. Includes a discussion on the role of plate tectonics, the hydrologic cycle, and humans as the driving forces behind selected case studies on volcanic eruptions, earthquakes, tsunamis, landslides, and floods. Renewable and non-renewable energy resources within an Earth-system context. Mechanics of formation, description, and classification of fractures, faults, folds, foliation, and lineation. Laboratory includes application of learned concepts to real-world scenarios, geometrical techniques to solve structural problems. Introduction to the catastrophic geologic processes that disrupt ecosystems and human activity. Exploration of the origin of Earth’s energy resources and the environmental and climatic impacts of energy acquisition and consumption.

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