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This also brings about the high possibility of oral and anal sex, which is seemingly unpopular among a large group of Iranian men when it comes to choosing a life partner, especially given its potential dangers and risks.Even more religious-minded Iranians’ views are changing.Some women take the extra step of treating the scar tissue of the hymenoplasty, and undergo laser treatments aiming at concealing the stitches and scars which may be a telltale sign if examined by a second doctor.Azadeh, 28, whose wedding was called off three days before her wedding day, told that ever since that fateful doctor’s visit more than two years ago, she has not had any suitors and even her parents are angry with her because they do not believe that she really is a virgin.A large number of middle-class and most religious affluent families remain faithful to the necessity of virginity at the time of marriage, and strongly believe in it as a principle to this day.

I thought of lying to my family in case I want to wed someone who is not a virgin, but then I thought my family would be really pissed off when they found out.

All of this was because Azadeh’s hymen was defined as elastic, and the doctor warned the family that elastic hymens usually do not break; they just stretch, and there usually is not any blood as a result of the first penetration.

Even though the doctor was a family doctor and seemingly trusted, the groom’s mother insisted on calling the marriage off. Trends and customs have changed however, even in rural areas where families tend to be more conservative and religious.

The operation should, in an ideal situation, be done in a hospital, but since this is an illegal procedure in Iran, it must be performed covertly.

By the same token, this kind of surgery is costly and not affordable for many.

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