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Bella leaned over the sink, her mouth opened as she applied mascara. Attending this concert would be perfect, a time to mingle and network.

Mingling was not something Bella was particularly skilled at, with her tendency to prattle off-topic whenever she was nervous.

Much to Renee's chagrin, Bella was her father's daughter: Ordinary. Bella had always been insecure about her looks, less so as she aged. She looked very, rock and roll in brand new jeans that came with designer holes and a new slashed ripped, cut out, stretchy blouse. Her best friend was blessed with the body of an Amazonian goddess, long blonde hair, piercing violet eyes, the epitome of the golden ratio.

Born Isabella, or 'Bella,' Italian for 'Beautiful.' Named by, her flighty, estranged mother, who finally admitted, her disappointment that Bella did not live up to it.More than strange, she did not just suffer heartache; she lost her mind.Fortunately, so far, no one looked at her like she was crazy.Bella grabbed her black military blazer, hoop earrings, and the locket her Dad gave her for graduation. Bella had long, thick, curly, brown hair with red highlights.Her curled hair had been pushed to the right side of her head, with three big braids on the left to secure it.

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